Finally! Truly UNLIMITED, Easy to Use, Business-Class VoIP Service & System With No Contracts!

Our Clients Say it Best
  • The features, support, and cost savings with Synfone have been amazing. We had been using VoIP services in the past, but were paying for minutes used and other hidden fees. The pricing structure with Synfone just made sense, and we are very glad we made the switch.–Chip Ayars, Ayars Complete Home Improvements, Inc.

  • I am big on service, and Synfone has really proven to be the company they claim. When hurricane Sandy struck the east cost we were able to quickly and easily forward our main number to another office so that business could continue. This would not have been an option if we were using standard telephone services.–Mark McNeil, CPS Distribution Services

  • Our sales staff is on the road during the day. The voicemail to email option is great as well as the call forwarding. We don’t want to miss opportunities and these phones are awesome!–Steve Hartmann, Advanced Commercial Interiors

Never miss a voicemail message with Voicemail-to-Email. Whether you’re away from your desk or on the go, all voicemails can be setup to be delivered to your Email inbox where you can see the caller’s name, caller’s number, date & time of the message, and even listen to their message right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop!
More are taking the “eCompany” approach with most or all of their employees working in completely different locations. Synfone supports this structure and allows you to put phones anywhere there have internet connectivity allowing workers to interact with each other just like their sitting in the same office!
Why should you pay so much money for phone service that doesn’t have half of the features that Synfone can offer? We’ve been there. We have the answer. Let us enhance you overall customer experience and communications while, at the same time, cutting your bill. Most of our customers realize a 20%-60% savings!
Whether you want all of your phones to ring when a call comes in, you want your callers to hear an automated menu, you want a group of phones to ring, or you’d like to utilize more advanced configurations such as Call Center Queues with round-robin distribution, or even something custom, Synfone can handle it all!

Speed/Network Test

Most broadband connections today are more than capable of supporting Hosted VoIP services. However, we always like to take the time to double check. So, we recommend that you run a connection test to our datacenter to ensure that your connection can support Synfone services.

Test your connection

Latest Phone Technology

Leverage the power of today’s cloud based phone systems today. It’s simple and easy to use, offers many configuration options, and can save you money! Already have VoIP phones? No problem, simply convert to our service with your current hardware.  > Want to learn more?